A Major Tattoo

I committed an act of comment_fic today. Just a couple of lines for a prompt that caught my eye. It was very bizarre – not a pairing I read, or write, or ever even thought of before. But the prompt intrigued me and my muse wrote a couple of lines.

The prompt was Stargate: Atlantis, Ronon Dex/Evan Lorne, Evan has tattoos and Ronon likes kissing them and my fill was just It curls over his hip, ink of black and red and green, drawing Ronon’s eyes round and down. He can hear Evan’s chuckle, feel the tease of Evan’s fingers in his hair and he looks up, sees his hunger reflected back in dark-ringed eyes.

He smirks as Evan moans his name then dips his head, tongue following the trail on hot, salty, skin.

And that, I thought, was that. I left a couple of prompts and carried on about my business.

Only now… well now Bob! will not shut the hell up about Evan Lorne’s damn tattoo! He’s telling me that it’s a dragon tattoo that covers Evan from the base of his neck to his knee. The head of the dragon is on his shoulder, maybe claws on his chest, all down his back, tail curling around his thigh!

And Bob! is giving me all these images of a this scene, the sun setting over Atlantis, the room dusky, no lights on and Ronon slowly undressing Evan, more and more ink being revealed… he’s tracing the design with fingers then with his tongue, with Evan squirming under his ministrations.

I don’t even know… Bloody muses!


5 Fandom Friday – OTPs

Five top OTPs? *exhales* Just five? Where the hell do I even start to answer this? I mean, hell I have more than five pairings in just my current fandom, let alone my twenty years worth of fandom history?!

*taps lip and makes thinkynoises*

Right. So. We’ll start with Stargate SG1 since that’s my current main fandom. Now, sure, like I just said, I have more than five pairings I ship but when it all comes down to it, my OTP is most definitely Jack O’Neill/Daniel Jackson
I could ramble at length about why I love these guys, but I’m not really feeling up to it, so I’m just going to carry on and list my main other OTPs. I’ll make a note to talk more about things at another date when I feel better.

Stargate: Atlantis comes next. I have a lot less pairings for SGA than I do for SG1 and, as cliche as it is, it really has to be John Sheppard/Rodney McKay
Which I always find to be absolutely hilarious because I cannot stand Rodney but the bond between those two is undeniable!

Now my brain basically only has space for one fandom at a time, and right now that’s Stargate. I’m now thinking about my prior fandoms, my prior pairings to list another three. So.. let’s see…

One of the fandoms I was in the longest was Kane RPS or as my friends and I jokingly referred to them and their circle of friends, the ITBN – it was Christian Kane, Steve Carlson, Riley Smith, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Danneel Harris… it was the ‘Incestuous Texas Boy Network’. But I digress and the main pairing from the group was Christian Kane/Steve Carlson

A fandom I do keep going back to is The Sentinel. It was one of my first online fandoms, way way way back in like 1999/2000 or so. I found it in the most bizarre way – not a topic for this post – but completely and utterly fell in love with Jim Ellison/Blair Sandburg
I mean, come one, Blair was staying with Jim for a couple of weeks while he found a new place and was still living there four years later! ♥

One more pairing, one more fandom. Um. Hm. There are so many I could choose so which one do I pick? My muse is kind of yelling at me that my other main current pairing right now is an SG1/SGA crossover pairing, John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell but I’m trying to go for multiple fandoms here.

Pairing number five will go to one of my current favourite TV shows Saving Hope and one of my very few actually canon pairings. Charlie Harris/Alex Reid
They’re just so fucking adorable together!

There are so so many others I could mention that I’m almost tempted to start a page on this site just dedicated to all the pretty pairings and moresomes that I ship!