A sluggish Sunday

I’m not entirely sure why but whenever I open up the ‘post an entry’ page, I have the strangest urge to start my posts with a David Hewlett style “Hello internets, tis I!” greeting – you’ve seen his vlogs and know what I mean, right?

Let’s see, whats the latest in the Land Of Llama. I did not sleep well last night. Or, at all, really. I went to bed at normal time around 10:30-11:00 or so, gave up and got up around 03:20, was still awake at about 05:30, fell asleep finally just after that and woke up again around 09:00. I’ve been feeling all fuzzy and thick headed all day and yeah my Sunday has been powered by Red Bull.

I spent a lazy morning in bed getting a new layout up here (what do you think of it?), reading blogs and listening to music. I discovered a wonderful playlist on Spotify – yup a 9 hour, 161 song playlist of all 4 seasons worth of soundtrack… What can I say? The show and it’s music has become such a guilty pleasure of mine. I’m about 3/4 of the way through S2 at the moment.
As with all things country music related, I blame Gary Quinn

I tried to take a nap this afternoon but I’m pretty sure it failed. I genuinely don’t know if I fell asleep or not, which was the strangest sensation ever. I felt even fuzzier than I did before I crawled into bed and oh the thumpy head. I dosed it with some caffeine, sugar, chicken pot pie and baked beans then had a lovely soak in a hot bubble bath, reading Poppy Z Brite – Lost Souls and listening to The Life Of Riley.

Now, I’ve taken some painpills and sleeping pills. I’m back on the Nashville playlist. I’m reading a DK Publishing astronomy book called The Planets: The Definitive Visual Guide To Our Solar System. And I’m futzing around on LJ and DW.

How’s your Sunday been?



Christmas was – recent celeb deaths aside – a lot less traumatic this year. There were still tears and wanting to hide and I was utterly exhausted by Monday night but I survived without running way. I was once again adopted by Susan’s family. I ate all the foods, had all the presents, had fun and laughter.

I got a Hufflepuff phone cover, a Hufflepuff hoodie, a Hufflepuff badge, Harry Potters socks, Star Wars pyjamas, 2 pairs of Batman pyjamas, and a shower curtain.
I’d asked for pjs so I was very happy *grins*

Today I am planning on hibernating. I’m curled up in my bed, I have plenty of noms surrounding me and I’m starting my day with the movie Baby Bootcamp. For reasons of Danneel and Kavan. I think the most stressful thing I have planned is sorting out some of my to-read list for the 2017 Popsugar Reading Challenge.

A Health Vent

I have a sinking suspicion that today is Not A Good Day.
I’m have a cough/sore throat that I can’t shift
My knees and hips are hurting
I have a psoriasis flare-up
Pretty sure all three are linked. And making me struggle and making me miserable. Worse depression day I’ve had in a while, to be fair.

I’m struggling to get out of bed – if I’m in bed, I don’t have to face the state of my skin right now – and the thought of leaving the house has this tightness in my chest.
But I need to get groceries.
And I know how busy Tesco is going to be.
And I have a rash on my face – still feel a little self-conscious from the pharmacist commenting on it yesterday, even though I know it was a professional statement. I’d said that it normally presented as a rash on my elbows but that it had spread everywhere and he replied that yes, he could see it was even on my face.
It’s just… not pleasant, y’know?

I’m exhausted because I’m not sleeping – coughing myself awake or waking up because something’s itching.

Logically, I know I need to get up, shower, slather on the lotions, take meds… take an anxiety med and just… take it from there.

I’m just trying to figure out… how

New beginnings

Hullo internets

I realise my blogging and commenting has been more than a little sporadic over the last few months. I’ve honestly just not really been feeling it, not feeling like I’ve been doing anything worth writing about or caring enough about other people to know what they have. I know that may sound a little harsh but it’s also extended to real life people as well. A depression symptom that I am well aware of.

My job has had me dealing with a lot more people in a much bigger office than I’ve been used to for a few years. Then I had holiday and con and was peopling constantly. I’ve just been getting in from work and feeling completely drained, dropping down onto the sofa and that’s been it.

However over the last few days or so, I’ve actually started to miss blogging. Missed opening up this ‘post’ box, typing out whatever comes into my head and just hitting post. Then reading what you guy are up to and interacting and stuff.

I figured a new beginning at the new start of a new month was as good a place as any to start. I’m still feeling kind of hermity and not wanting to venture out into the world. I’m going to ignore the fact I have groceries and housework to do and just want to take a chill day – sit on my sofa, put my legs up, snuggle under my blankie and watch lots of pretty. And while I’m doing that seems a good chance to start catching up on some of the blogs and journals that I love to read

100 Things That Make Me Happy

As part of my 101 Things In 1001 Days I set out to write a list of 100 Things That Make Me Happy.

It took me something like 2 months to compile the list and I was mindful to try to make sure it wasn’t just fandom related – that it was very well-rounded and covered a variety of things that I enjoy.

If I’m honest, It was actually a lot harder to do than anticipated. I don’t know if that’s just because of how down I’ve been over the last 6 months or so. At the same time, though, writing it and re-reading it has been a pretty good form of therapy. Reminding me of little things that make me smile – and nudging me to go and do some of them.

Anything than involves happiness is never a bad thing, right?

So here is 100 things that make Cassie happy
1. Going to bed and knowing I don’t have an alarm set in the morning
2. Having a hot bath, putting on warm & clean pjs and getting into a freshly made bed with clean bedding
3. Getting a forward-facing window seat with a table on the train to work
4. Getting any seat on the train home from work
5. My Natalie
6. My Dragon
7. Stargate SG1
8. Stargate Atlantis
9. Star Wars
10. TLOR gigs
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Destined For Geekness

I’m pretty sure I was always going to be a geek.

My mum used to tell me how when I was about 2 or 3, the only way she could get peace and quiet to get anything done around the house was to sit my in my high-chair in front of the TV when Dukes Of Hazzard was on. I mean Dukes Of Hazzard… what 2-3 year old girl gets fascinated by that show?! Also, as I sit here typing it, I have 3 General Lee’s in his room. And the first car I ever bought brand new was orange, in honour of her. And it’s my favourite colour. I have no idea if that’s connected.
I remember getting SO excited about a decade or so ago when I met Catherine Bach. I’m pretty sure I would die if I ever met John Schneider or Tom Wopat.

I then spent a lot of time in the late 80s/early 90s watching a lot of the ‘boys’ stuff. Cartoon-wise it was Ghostbusters, Bucky O’Hare, Defenders Of The Earth and I was totally nuts over Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles – wallpaper, bedding… I read the TMNT, Ghostbusters, Bucky O’Hare comics too. And The Beano.
I also loved to watch like Doctor Who, The A-Team, MacGyver, Magnum PI, Knight Rider, CHiPs. Y’know, the sort of thing all self-respecting 7-8 year old girl would watch. Man I was such a tomboy.

I would ready The Famous Five and The Hardy Boys… and I was doing fanfic and roleplay before I even knew what they were. Playing in the woods, making up and acting out my own stories where I was with them. Or one time where Joe Hardy got hurt so Frank Hardy kissed it better. Yup. I was about 9.

I also used to write stories. I remember one that was about an evil witch who enchanted all the toys to do her bidding, and these two girls who just wanted their dolls back and went on a quest. There was a dragon and… I have no idea what happened but I remember them having cheese and branston pickle sandwiches in their picnic!

As I moved towards teens, I found the horror and sci-fi sections of the library. Stephen King was (still is) a favourite, and there was more than one occasion where a librarian would ring my mum and ask if she was sure I should be checking out these books. Mum was just like ‘it’s a book, let her read it’

At the same time, I was watching Star Trek: The Next Generation on TV. The X-Files started when I was like 13-14. I also discovered re-runs of Jon Pertwee & Tom Baker era Doctor Who, 60s horror movies (hammer house of horror LOVE!), the outer limits, the twilight zone… And that little show, don’t know if you’ve heard of it? Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I know I’ve mentioned before how much the show influenced me and how I grew up with the characters, being the same age as them.
I was writing X-Files fanfiction as well. Proper alien abduction sci-fi stuff. By hand. And getting a teacher to correct it.

A group of my friends and I snuck into the cinema to see Interiew With A Vampire in the mid-90s. It was an 18 and we were maybe 14. But it was vampires, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Christian Slater and Antonio Banderas, what were we supposed to do? We all came out of the cinema in LOVE… and my first stop was the bookshop where I bought the first three of the Vampire Chronicles. And fell even more in love, only with Armand and Daniel *draws sparkly orange hearts*

I loved all the sci-fi films at that time – Stargate, Independence Day, Men In Black, The Mummy. And also Mission Impossible. Again with being a total tomboy!

I got the internet and found online fandom in 1999/2000, and fell head over heels into Savage Garden RPS slash, shortly followed by Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and The Sentinel. I’ve been involved in one fandom or another since then, always reading and writing fanfic and squeeing muchly, sometimes roleplaying.
I started going to sci-fi conventions around the same time.

Sci-fi and horror has always been such a part of my life, and so has fandom. I can’t imagine a world without fangirling! I’ve met some incredible people through fandom, love how fandoms connect and you find new shows and books and movies and music and people in the strangest ways. Pretty much everyoen I know in real life I’ve met… well in a queue for something or other, either at a gig or a convention!

Today finds me starting something new for me. Well.
I’ve not read comics since I was in my early teens and I have in front of my some copies of The Amazing Spiderman, The Uncanny X-Men and The Invincible Iron Man. Actually quite excited to dive in…

5 Fandom Friday: 5 Things in My Purse at All Times

I started this thinking ‘What a restricive topic, who has different stuff in their purse?’ I mean there’s just money, debit card, drivers license, Riley’s guitar plectrum and random receipts. But then I realised… oh, hey… this is probably meaning the American definition of purse so… what you’re actually asking me is 5 Things in My Bag at All Times?

Now this does vary depending on the bag I’m carrying and where I’m going. When I’ve got my rucksack there’s a lot more in it than when I’ve got my little bag. So, in my rucksack I have:

Medication Pretty important this one, although sometimes making me feel like a walking Boots. At minimum, I have my inhaler, ibuprofen, cocadamol, sertraline, propanolol and iron pils.

A book/my kindle To be fair, I commute to and from work so I always need something to read to kill the time. I have my kindle in case I finish the physical book. Also works as something of a security blanket when going into situations I’m not sure what’s happening and I’m on my own.
If I’ve got my small bag, it’s the kindle only

Planner/pen/notebook Either my diary and a pen or a notebook and a pen. Sometimes both, depending on where I’m going, what I’m doing and who I’m with. Well you never know when you’re going to need to make a note of something, write something down or, as a writer – when inspiration is going to strike.
If I’ve got my small bag, it’s a small notebook & a pen.

Wallet As mentioned up there, money and ID. Plus it’s a nice geeky emblem because it has a nice little SGC design on it.

The last item is Keys or Phone because these two vary between being in my pocket or being in my bag. Again, it depends on what bag I’ve got, where I’m going etc
House keys & car keys – I won’t get very far without these. I also have a radar key for using the disabled toilets.
Phone – I cannot live without it. It’s like missing my left arm if I don’t have it with me. My music lives on it too! But also there’s the safety issue as I’m a disabled woman travelling on my own a lot of the time