Fetishes & Fantasies


The first of my main two fetishes is bondage. There’s nothing I love more than being restrained, especially if it involves handcuffs or rope. I love the feel of both of them wrapped around my body, holding me tightly and securely. It’s very sexy and very calming in a way; you can struggle and fight but you’re not going anywhere, you’re secure.
It’s helplessness and security all wrapped up into one incredibly erotic bundle, with me in the centre of it.
Hands tied behind back, spreadeagle on the bed, hogtied, tied to a chair – it’s all good *grins*

My second main fetish is spanking. Tipped over your knee, standing in the corner, bent over a stool, bent over holding my ankles – however I’m positioned, just let my ass take it; hand spanking, paddles, floggers, whips.
It hurts… It hurts so fucking much but it feels so incredible. Again with the helplessness – there’s nothing you can do but take it. It’s a release, its stress relieving, its an endorphin high and it turns me on so much that I’m getting wet just thinking about it.
Course – if you walk up to me in the street and slap my ass, I’ll punch your lights out. Just so you know!

The smell. The taste. The feel. There’s just something incredibly sexy about leather. I don’t know what it is but it drives me wild; whether I’m dressed in it, bound in it, gagged with it – whatever it is, if its leather then you know for a fact that Cassie is in a fetish heaven.

Sensory Deprivation/Exploration
Blindfolds. Gags. Bondage. Anything where one or more of your senses is ripped from you and you’re forced to concentrate on the remaining. Take away sight, speech and hearing – so i’m blindfolded, gagged and hooded, tied spreadeagle to the bed so I can’t move. And then you tease me with touch; with icecubes, with wax, with feathers, with hot, cold, soft, hard, pain, pleasure all rollded into one and there’s nothing you can do about it, just lay there and take it until you explode. It’s intense, I tell you!

Show me off in public; tie my hands behind me back and blindfold me as you strip me off – I don’t know who’s watching, or who’s touching. Or who I’m servicing. Make me submit to anonymous hands, mouths, pussies, and yes, cocks. Fuck me, spank me, bind me in public, in front of a rapt audience.


Hilary Duff
Hilary Duff dressed head-to-toe in a black skin-tight pvc catsuit, the material clinging to her oh so pert little ass. Her ankles encased in black stilettos. A whip held lightly in one hand. Me naked, arms bound behind me, bending supplicant to kiss her feet, her hand tight in my hair – her willing slave.

Doesn’t matter if its a small cage or a big one, suspended on the floor, so long as I’m naked, bound and gagged and on display inside of it. Unable to hide from curious gazes and exploring fingers. Treated like a pet, a mere animal.

Sybians/Fucking Machines
In a fantasy swiped nicely from scenes on hogtied.com/fuckingmachines.com – their sybian machine. I mean, thats hot. Just imagine it, being strapped down, a mechanical dildo fucking you hard and fast and there’s nothing you can do, other than take it. It doesn’t tire, doesn’t lose rhythm just keeps going and going like the energiser bunny and I just have to accept the fucking. Fuck yes!
My arms tied behind my back, gagged and blinfolded, legs tied in a frogtie, lowered down onto it then strapped to it, unable to escape or move. Fuck, I’m turning myself on just typing this up *blush*

Wooden Horse
One good old fashioned torture device. And another fantasy inspired by fetish erotica. Gagged and blindfolded, my arms tied tightly behind me and my legs spread and weighted down as I straddle the horse, my full body weight resting on that triangle of wood pushed against my pussy, the motion of riding it as I lift up onto tiptoes to take the pressure and pain off my pussy, then having to relax down against as my leg muscles hurt, then up, then down. Fuck, yes!

Being Used
The idea of being just used, of being an… an object for sexual pleasure, passed around, on my hands and knees – my mouth, pussy and ass open and ready and full. Spanked and blindfolded.

Not full bestiality mind – I totally don’t want an animal cock inside of me, but the idea of a rough animal tongue on the other hand I find to be incredibly erotic. Its a fantasy totally inspired by Beauty’s Punishment by Anne Rice. There’s this one scene where Beauty is strapped down to a table and has like cream poured over her to attract a cat that then licks her all over to orgasm. It both grosses me out but completely and utterly turns me on beyond belief.