A Health Vent

I have a sinking suspicion that today is Not A Good Day.
I’m have a cough/sore throat that I can’t shift
My knees and hips are hurting
I have a psoriasis flare-up
Pretty sure all three are linked. And making me struggle and making me miserable. Worse depression day I’ve had in a while, to be fair.

I’m struggling to get out of bed – if I’m in bed, I don’t have to face the state of my skin right now – and the thought of leaving the house has this tightness in my chest.
But I need to get groceries.
And I know how busy Tesco is going to be.
And I have a rash on my face – still feel a little self-conscious from the pharmacist commenting on it yesterday, even though I know it was a professional statement. I’d said that it normally presented as a rash on my elbows but that it had spread everywhere and he replied that yes, he could see it was even on my face.
It’s just… not pleasant, y’know?

I’m exhausted because I’m not sleeping – coughing myself awake or waking up because something’s itching.

Logically, I know I need to get up, shower, slather on the lotions, take meds… take an anxiety med and just… take it from there.

I’m just trying to figure out… how