A streetlight, a bear and a kid with a jar of honey

It’s been a while since I picked up that 642 Things To Write About: Young Writer’s Edition that Dragon got me for Christmas. So I figured tonight was as good a night as any to pick it back up again. Except the next prompt has me blinking rapidly in confusion. Write a story that includes a streetlight, a bear, and a kid with a jar of honey

For some, utterly unknown, reason, Bob! is giving me very film noir kind of vibes. Very black and white, classic Hollywood crime drama-y. Some kind of furtive deal in the dead of night, narrated by a New York private eye, y’know the type, with a trench coat, feet up on his desk. Bear and jar of honey possibly being code names, or a reference to a drug deal. Maybe some stolen diamonds. That kind of thing. Oh, and a Jessica Rabbit-esque femme fatale, naturally.

Of course, he’s also smirking at me and saying things like ‘bear’, ‘twink’ and ‘honeypot’ but then again this is Bob! so you wouldn’t expect anything different from him. Not really