Weekly Goals

I’ve done my bullet journal set up for next week, I’ve taken my nightly happy/sleepy pill and I’m curled up in bed, reading. Today has been a pretty good day. I achieved pretty much everything on my list and I have my goals and to-do’s for next week set up.

My main goals for next week are:
Increase daily intake of fruit/veg. I tend to suck at getting in my five a day, so I’m going to actively make an effort to do this. Some fruit added to muesli, fruit juice, extra veg with my meals.
Increase daily intake of water. Again, I tend to suck at drinking enough water. I’ve bought a few bottles of flavoured water and I have an alarm set on my phone to refill my damn glass ever hour.
I have a hydrate sticker and a fruits sticker in my planner for the week to track these!
Get my 10k steps in. It was easy when I was at work; between getting to and from the station and walking around the office it was no problem but now… self – there’s a gorgeous park just behind you, go use it to walk around! Hopefully my Fitbit will come this week which will be even more awesome
Catch up on emails/notificiations/flist. Or, make a start, at least
Write and send out Iggle penpal letters and swaps

That doens’t look too terrifying. *takes a deep breath* I also have to post ebay parcels tomorrow and renew library books on Wednesday. There’s a Jason Donovan gig on Wednesday night, a Gary Quinn gig on Friday night and a sci-fi meet-up on Saturday afternoon.
Busy llama is busy!


3 thoughts on “Weekly Goals

  1. They say good food equals good mood. I actually got a fruit/vegetable juicer. It works wonders!! Since I started juicing I have felt increased energy and overall increased happiness. It’s been an awesome investment!! If you are looking to increase your fruits. Juicing might actually be a perfect way to ease into it for you without having to eat lots of fruit. I definitely recommend it!!

  2. Best of luck with everything! I usually get two servings of vegetables or fruit in the morning with my breakfast – some tomatoes and watermelon usually, sometimes mushroom and strawberries as well! It really helps to have a colourful plate. 🙂

    I drink a lot of tea so that’s where I get most of my ‘water’ from, though it’s probably good to have plain water as well. I tend to drink a lot of it when I go to the gym.

    Anyway, keep up the good work! You can do it! 😀

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