My Month in Music

I’ve always had incredibly eclectic taste in music. In fact, if you asked my Natalie she’d happily tell you that my music tastes have multiple personality disorder! It’s true, really. I probably do have about 4, if not 5, different people’s worth of music taste.

I’m not trying to say that this is bad. Just an observation about the fact it can get pretty damn weird.

So out of curiousity, I poked at some of‘s stats and apparently, my 10 most listened to artists in February 2016 are:
5 Seconds Of Summer
Foxboro Hot Tubs
Florida Georgia Line
Five Finger Death Punch
Five For Fighting
Gary Quinn
Spice Girls
Forever The Sickest Kids.
We have there pop/punk, new age, punk, country, southern rock, metalcore, alternative rock and 90s pop… And, apparently February was brought to you by the number 5 and the letter F!

And my most played track of the month?

I don’t even know LMFAO

What have you been listening to lately?

7 thoughts on “My Month in Music

  1. My music taste is also all over the board, but maybe not as much as yours. Right now I’m listening to the BSG and Black Sails soundtracks, which have both been composed by Bear McCreary. I love his music, I really do.

    I just realized that the other stuff I’ve been listening to lately has one thing in common: it’s all in languages I don’t actually speak. Italian (Gianna Nannini), Spanish (Heroes del Silencio), and Japanese (Gackt). Which of course doesn’t stop me from singing along at the top of my voice. ;)

  2. I remembered hearing Florida Georgia Line on the pop station a lot in the recent months. Everyone has a different taste in music, and it’s fine! I feel the same way with the multi-personality disorder. I usually switch from electric music to rap music often.

  3. Haha! I was going to say you have such a variety in the music that you’ve listed! I tend to be that way, too. Whenever people ask me what music I like, I never know how to answer because I really like mostly everything! The only things I’ve never been able to get into is some rap and heavy metal.

    I’m almost embarrassed to say but I’ve been listening to Hillary Duff’s new(ish) CD. I had a bit of nostalgia and looked her up and found out she had a new CD and it’s actually really good!

  4. 5 Seconds Of Summer are brilliant, I love that you like them.. but how can you like AND the plinkylonky stuff? That’s weird! haha

    I’ve been litening to 5SOS, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Ellie Goulding, Lukas Graham and Nick Jonas a lot this month

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