Still crazy

I’m pleased to report I’m officially still nuts! :)

I had a depression check-up with my GP this morning. He’s very pleased with how I’m reacting to the Propanolo and the Sertraline. We’re sticking with the current cause of treatment for the foreseeable future. We discussed the trouble I’ve been having sleeping and he wants me to start keeping a sleep log, how well I’m sleeping, what’s preying on my mind when I can’t, stress levels and stuff.

Last night I fell asleep on the couch watching Rizzoli & Isles 1×04… so I’ve no idea who killed the ded girl. And I had a lie-in this morning so that was nice. I’ve not been feeling too tired throughout the day and I feel normal levels of tiredness for 8:30 in the evening.

I’m sitting with my legs up, eating Macaroni Cheese that I just cooked and watching last night’s episode of The X Files. Then I’ll go back and rewatch Rizzoli & Isles and find out who the killer was.

Another exciting night in the life of Cassie!

6 thoughts on “Still crazy

  1. That is good news that you are reacting well to the medication. I really hope that it will continue that way. Keeping a sleep log is a good idea! <3

  2. Is it wrong of me to love the title and the way you speak about your depression? I do it the same ways, talking about my happy pills and stuff. I suffer from depression and anxiety, along with some other fun stuff, so totally know the feeling of making light of it. Glad to hear you’ve got some meds working for you :)

    • I’m always the first person to call myself nuts or crazy, or a gimp or a cripple… life’s too short to take myself too seriously. I figure hey, I’m screwed up, it’s part of my life and *shrugs*

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