work work work work work

invest in Tesco shares My job role changed again in work today. I’m still with the same company I’ve been temping at since June but I’m now officially a Purchase Ledger Clerk. They’ve been really struggling to fill this role since like August and they asked me last week if I’d be able to take it on as well. I’ll be getting confirmation later this week of what my payrise will be.

See, N got promoted internally back in the summer and because there’s a recruitment freeze on, we got a temp K in to cover her role. Except, K, bless her, wasn’t quite suited for the job. Lovely girl but never worked in an office before and had no purchase ledger experience…

When I logged on to her computer today, there were over 200 emails and there’s over 300 invoices in the internal queue as well. I’ve set up an out-of-office on her emails so that anyone who emails will get notified that she’s left and given my email.

I’m also still supporting the Facilities department, raising all the Purchase Orders for the jobs and doing admin work for UK Premises & Facilities Contracts Manager.

My current plan of action is:
Mornings – Start with my facilities work, get all purchase orders out of the way. Then new purchase ledger emails as they come in and working on the internal workflow
Afternoons – Keep on working through K’s aged emails.

Best options trading platform in Hong Kong We’ll see what happens. I’m looking forward to getting my teeth back into purchase ledger work again – not so much trying to dig out of the 2 months worth of backlog that’s been left for me but I’m sure I’ll get everything balanced out again…

Wish me luck?


New beginnings

Hullo internets

I realise my blogging and commenting has been more than a little sporadic over the last few months. I’ve honestly just not really been feeling it, not feeling like I’ve been doing anything worth writing about or caring enough about other people to know what they have. I know that may sound a little harsh but it’s also extended to real life people as well. A depression symptom that I am well aware of.

My job has had me dealing with a lot more people in a much bigger office than I’ve been used to for a few years. Then I had holiday and con and was peopling constantly. I’ve just been getting in from work and feeling completely drained, dropping down onto the sofa and that’s been it.

However over the last few days or so, I’ve actually started to miss blogging. Missed opening up this ‘post’ box, typing out whatever comes into my head and just hitting post. Then reading what you guy are up to and interacting and stuff.

I figured a new beginning at the new start of a new month was as good a place as any to start. I’m still feeling kind of hermity and not wanting to venture out into the world. I’m going to ignore the fact I have groceries and housework to do and just want to take a chill day – sit on my sofa, put my legs up, snuggle under my blankie and watch lots of pretty. And while I’m doing that seems a good chance to start catching up on some of the blogs and journals that I love to read


An actual update

Hello everyone.

Tesco shares Long time no post, but I’m pleased to be able to say that I’m doing… pretty ok, actually. I still have the odd bad day but no, things are good. I’m back down to the lowest dosage of my mirtazapine, propranolol is now only 10mg as and when needed and I’m completely off the zopiclone.

I started a new job in June and it’s going really well. I’m a ‘general services clerk’ for a local electrical engineering company supporting facilities/premises, finance and legal. It’s mostly just raising purchase orders, placing orders and sorting post but I’m really enjoying it. It’s 08:00-16:30 Mon-Thurs and 08:00-15:30 on a Friday, and it’s only a 15-20 minute drive from home, depending on traffic. It’s a temp job but the contract keeps being rolled over because the company has a recruitment freeze on… currently my contract is til the end of the year.
I’m not overly fond of the girls in the office – very bitchy – but I’m still in touch with the girls (and Minion from IRW.

I’m currently dorking out obsessively over bulletjournals and planners. I can spend hours watching #planwithme videos on youtube, I find them really relaxing – almost as much fun as actually doing it myself!

And in 10 days and 18 hours, I get on a plane that takes me to San Francisco for 2016’s shenanigans😀


Any Dream Will Do!

My inner eight-year old was in HEAVEN tonight. And, to be fair, thirty-four year old me had one hell of a good time? Why, you ask? WELL tonight I went to see Jason Donovan in concert, at Birmingham Symphony Hall. I had pretty shitty seats, to be honest, way up in the nosebleeds BUT having said that, I had a pretty unrestricted view and being a symphony hall the acoustics were fantastic.

I was very nervous before going. I was going on my own, to a venue I didn’t know and to see an artist I’d never seen before. I also think I’ve got very spoiled by going to these little gigs where I know everyone because completely different feel. I got adopted by this couple who were there for their anniversary and we just got talking, as you do and when I was saying how the first record I ever got was Jason, she stopped and blinked and was all ‘how old are you?’. She was in her 50s!

The support act were SHITE. I suppose the best thing about being so far up/back is no pretending to like a crap support. Some X-Factor reject Rnb acappella girl group. Who couldn’t decide what key to sing in. Or what tune to follow. Or what dance routine to do.
I never knew Purple Rain could sound so BAD!

Jason pretty much exploded onto stage and it was amazing. He looks SO much like his dad and while, no, he doesn’t have the best singing voice he knows how to use it and to work the crowd. It was a Ten Good Reasons/Greatest Hits gig and I genuinely knew every word to every song. And HOW the hell is Ten Good Reasons 25 years old? It was in two halves with an intermission in the middle – how civilized! The first half was Greatest Hits and then the second half was Ten Good Reasons. And you should have heard the place ERUPT to the opening of Too Many Broken Hearts. I will admit to some tears of squee and joy at a couple of places.

Me and the couple next to me were singing loudly and badly all the way through and on our feet and dancing. It was exhausting and fantastic and AMAZING!

A streetlight, a bear and a kid with a jar of honey

It’s been a while since I picked up that 642 Things To Write About: Young Writer’s Edition that Dragon got me for Christmas. So I figured tonight was as good a night as any to pick it back up again. Except the next prompt has me blinking rapidly in confusion. Write a story that includes a streetlight, a bear, and a kid with a jar of honey

For some, utterly unknown, reason, Bob! is giving me very film noir kind of vibes. Very black and white, classic Hollywood crime drama-y. Some kind of furtive deal in the dead of night, narrated by a New York private eye, y’know the type, with a trench coat, feet up on his desk. Bear and jar of honey possibly being code names, or a reference to a drug deal. Maybe some stolen diamonds. That kind of thing. Oh, and a Jessica Rabbit-esque femme fatale, naturally.

Of course, he’s also smirking at me and saying things like ‘bear’, ‘twink’ and ‘honeypot’ but then again this is Bob! so you wouldn’t expect anything different from him. Not really


Weekly Goals

I’ve done my bullet journal set up for next week, I’ve taken my nightly happy/sleepy pill and I’m curled up in bed, reading. Today has been a pretty good day. I achieved pretty much everything on my list and I have my goals and to-do’s for next week set up.

My main goals for next week are:
Increase daily intake of fruit/veg. I tend to suck at getting in my five a day, so I’m going to actively make an effort to do this. Some fruit added to muesli, fruit juice, extra veg with my meals.
Increase daily intake of water. Again, I tend to suck at drinking enough water. I’ve bought a few bottles of flavoured water and I have an alarm set on my phone to refill my damn glass ever hour.
I have a hydrate sticker and a fruits sticker in my planner for the week to track these!
Get my 10k steps in. It was easy when I was at work; between getting to and from the station and walking around the office it was no problem but now… self – there’s a gorgeous park just behind you, go use it to walk around! Hopefully my Fitbit will come this week which will be even more awesome
Catch up on emails/notificiations/flist. Or, make a start, at least
Write and send out Iggle penpal letters and swaps

That doens’t look too terrifying. *takes a deep breath* I also have to post ebay parcels tomorrow and renew library books on Wednesday. There’s a Jason Donovan gig on Wednesday night, a Gary Quinn gig on Friday night and a sci-fi meet-up on Saturday afternoon.
Busy llama is busy!


Talk geeky to me!

There’s this meme that goes around Facebook every so often that says If you see me with a shirt on of a show, movie or whatever on it that you love, you have the right to sit your ass down in front of me and start talking. My public representation of my fandom is an invitation to come and talk to me about it and I swear to god it is so TRUE! Even more awesome is when it actually happens.

Sure it happens at cons but that’s a forum you expect. I spend half my time walking around cons going ‘omg i love your shirt’ or having someone say it to me. I went to see Civil War and this girl, pre-teen or early teens, exclaimed excitedly that she loved my Hydra jacket. I turned round to say thank you and she full on flailed at the fact I was wearing a Cap t-shirt and carrying a SHIELD bag.
I love it!

But I also love it when it happens in real life.
I went to Tesco to collect my new vacuum cleaner. I’d done the order online, collect from the store thing. I pull out my wallet to get my ID and the guy geeks out over it being SG1. We compare tattoos and con stories and facebook.
I went to Hobbycraft and the guy behind the till loves my Star Wars shirt.

I just love the whole sense of… belonging, of community, that there is in Fandom – even when it’s random, unexpected and offline
*draws sparkly orange hearts around fandom*